Gujarati Recipe – ગુજરાતી વાનગી


Don’t know how to make it? Give us a chance to help you in make you a Delicious Gujarati Food with our gujarati recipe collections.

Presenting first Gujarati food recipe application with 900+ different Gujarati sustenance stuffs crosswise over and are comprehensively named per the essence of each individual according to district, celebrations and every one of the sorts of necessities.

Gujarati Recipes (Vangi) is an additional conventional application for cooking sweethearts. Gujarati Recipes contains all popular Gujarati Cooking Recipes. Gujarati Recipes application is given in Gujarati dialect to those individuals who are not ready to peruse in English.

It’s a workmanship to cook delectable nourishment. Numerous individuals convey energy to influence heavenly nourishment and they to need their formulas to be mystery. Be that as it may, we have chosen to make extensive accumulation of formulas in Gujarati dialect that will enable you to out to make any nourishment thing you need, and you can establish connection over your accomplice, family or companions. We have gather a to z formulas in one App in Gujarati dialect.

This application gives you every recipe to make delicious Gujarati foods in Gujarati. It is an exceptionally helpful App for cooking sweethearts and in addition new cooking Learner also.This application will use in your kitchen whenever.

Category In Gujarati Recipe/ગુજરાતી વાનગી: 

1. નાસ્તા
2. મીઠાઈ
3. સબ્જી
4. રોટી/પરાઠા/પૂરી
5. ફરાળી વાનગી
6. રાયતા/ સલાડ
7. આઇસક્રિમ /શરબત
8. ચટણી
9. Oven Recipes / ઓવન વાનગીઓ
10. Sizzling Starters /સ્ટાર્ટર વાનગીઓ
11. ચિલ્ડ્રન સ્પેશીયલ
12. Mango Magic Week /મેંગો મેજિક સપ્તાહ
13. South Indian Recipe / દક્ષિણ ભારતીય
14. પંજાબી વાનગીઓ
15. Jain Special /જૈન સ્પેશ્યલ
16. Gujju Recipes /ગુજરાતી વાનગીઓ
17. મરાઠી વાનગીઓ
18. Food For Diabetics / ડાયાબિટીસ વાનગીઓ
19. હેલ્ધી બ્રેકફાસ્ટ
20. Festival Recipe / ફેસ્ટિવલ વાનગીઓ
21. લતાની દાવત
22. યોગસાનો યસ્કો
23. Other Religious Food / રિલિજસ વાનગીઓ
24. ભાત-પુલાવ
25. દાળ-કઢી
26. જૈન વાનગીઓ
27. ગુજરાતી શાક
28. ખીચડી
29. અથાણું

Using this Gujarati Recipe app you can easily carry recipe book in your pocket and you can easily read recipes of your favorite dishes anywhere anytime.



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