Pixel Effect : Photo Editor, Dispersion Effect


Pixel Effect has assortment of dispersion effect impact, draining pixels in different styles. Get the best photography craftsmanship in your photographs with huge number of stunning photograph impacts. Pixel Effect has assortment of draining pixels in different styles like Photoshop Shattering Effect.

The most astonishing application to make dispersion effect in 3 simple advances. Select Photo from gallery or camera. Paint module to cut picture and apply distinctive diverse style of pixel impacts. Change photographs with the tap of a finger. Utilize straightforward, yet great, photograph altering instruments to apply molecule scattering/pixel impact.

Pixel Effect is to focus on objects to make them the center of attraction! effects allows you to create amazing professional photos against a beautifully pixelated background.

✔ Feature :-
★ Choose your Dispersion Effect Shapes
★ Hand draw to create dispersion effects
★ All direction particle dispersion effect.
★ Auto particle dispersion tool for any photo using Standard Templates
★ Easy to change Pixel colors.
★ Save your art in your phone gallery.
★ Show off your pics easily on social media.

How to apply Pixel Effect to your photo in this app :

★ Pixel Effect : Photo Editor is to choose photo from Camera or your Phone Gallery.
★ Crop your photo for effect photo editor for user choice.
★ Pixel Effect Photo Editor is having more than 45+ Pixel effects and 3D effects.
★ Pixel Effect Photo Editor is also having Light glare for more attractive photos.
★ Add stickers into Editor by user choice.
★ Saved image in gallery folder.
★ My Creation having all the saved image of Pixel Effect Photo Editor.
★ You can also share image of Pixel effect photo editor via Facebook, Whatsapp , and much more..

Are you looking for simple app with new concept then please try this app. We sure you would like this app and make your number of pictures with Pixel Photo Effect.


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