Balloon Smasher


Have you ever had fun by smashing balloons?
If yes, cool we have bring you perfect game for you!

Normally balloons fly from the ground up to sky, but we have change the logic. Our balloons come from the top to bottom. In between you have to smash the balloons with your finger tap.

With balloons you will see bombs, Be careful at that time if you click on that your points will decrease by 5.

In game play you will also see gift, tap on that it will open gift, gift may be a bomb or time stop, if you tap on time stop it will slow your game screen for while.

Balloon Smasher Balloon Smasher

How to play:
You must smash the balloons.
For each smashed balloon you get points.
Tap the balloon to smash it.
Avoid Bombs – do not touch them!


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